I’ve lived in an SBC2 managed building for 4 years and I’ve been really happy with the experience.  Whenever there was any problem with maintenance, it was fixed quickly. The guys were so sweet– they even helped me replace a few light bulbs I couldn’t reach. They made upgrades periodically (key fobs, upgraded water heater, new light fixtures) and I’ve NEVER seen a pest in my building! Not even a spider!!

— Maneesha, Former Tenant

I’ve been living in SBC2 managed property since 2002 and have lived in five of their buildings. I cannot say enough great things about my experience.
I’ve had two issues with my appliances over the eight years and, no joke, they were replaced within a day of me notifying SBC2 of the issue. The maintenance staff are extremely friendly. Every apartment I have moved into has been completely cleaned.

— Darin, Tenant

The building is clean and maintenance is so on top of things. On the rare occasion something goes wrong, I just leave a request on their phone extension in the morning, and when I come home in the evening it’s done like magic–no staying-home-to-meet-the-repairman necessary.
When we first moved in, I gave them a long fix-it list which was completed promptly with no hassle.

— Alison, Tenant